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Monday, November 22, 2010

No whining!

I was thinking today that I must sound like a whiner much of the time.  All things considered, though, most things in my life are pretty good.  This morning, I was driving to a hotel to do a deposition, and I felt good--very good.  I was surprised.  It's possible that this was because I went to the gym yesterday.  Maybe it was just a good day.

In any event, I was reading www.whoatemyblog.com, a blog by a guy who has lost over 200 pounds and still weighs over 400 pounds.  Where to begin.  He has posted two photos recently of NSVs--non-scale victories.  One was fitting into a seat at a stadium for the first time (and the attendant ease of going to the game) and one was fitting behind the seat of a Honda Element, a vehicle he'd wanted to buy but couldn't because he was too fat.  I'm really happy for the guy.  I have never been too fat to fit behind the wheel of a car.  I haven't ever been too fat to sit in a stadium seat (not saying they've all been the most comfortable places to park it).  I've always been a long way from 600 pounds.  In fact, this dude outweighs me by a lot, even now.

But damn, good for him.  I hope he sticks with it for a long time.

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  1. Don't worry, you're not whiny. I think we all feel like that, but it's just because we're writing about the problems and challenges we're facing.