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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

9 1/2 Pound Gain

I haven't written anything lately.  Here's why.  My wife has been in the hospital with preeclampsia.  She had the babies yesterday, S, who was 5 lbs 3 oz, and C, who was 4 lbs 2 oz.  Almost 9 1/2 pounds.  Everyone is mostly fine, though the babies will have to be in the hospital for a while.

More later, but that's the story.

Wow.  I'm somebody's dad!  


  1. Congratulations, Dad! They'll soon be home and life will never be the same old, same old. Best wishes to all of you.

  2. Wow! Congratulations Skip! I love the post title. I imagine you are going to be pretty busy for a while, but I will look forward to reading more about your experiences. You are going to be a fantastic father!

  3. Thanks! I have to say, they charm me already. They really do.