A 45-year-old fat man trying to find his inner skinny dude.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Here I am again

I feel kind of bad for anyone who may actually be trying to follow this blog. I'm not here much. It's true that my life has gotten fuller and busier in the last year or so. But still.

In any event, please don't read this blog if you want advice on how to lose weight and keep it off. Apparently I don't know how to do it. I was perking along there for a while, but I've put on 17 pounds in the last nine or ten months. I can't believe that I've ingested 66,000 extra calories, but apparently I have. That or the lack of working out matters more than I thought. In any event, I'm pretty dejected. I'm not going off on a binge or anything, but it definitely makes eating right and exercising (i.e. giving a shit about yourself) seem extraneous and futile.

Yeah, bad day/week. But I walked to the train today. It's a (re-) start.


  1. Skip, everyone has to restart every single day of their lives, whether it's about weight or work or a relationship. There's no such thing as coasting in life. Sad but true :) So please don't feel discouraged, or at least don't let it stop you from continuing to try to achieve your goals, in any of those areas.

    Sometimes I have to remind myself, if I wasn't working out and eating mindfully at least sometimes, imagine the situation I'd be in. Maybe I'm not perfect right now, but I'm so much better off than doing nothing, even if sometimes I get off track or can't keep up the schedule.

    I know you're not asking advice and I'm not one to proselytize, but ("but" means just erase all the words that came before it) maybe you should look at the paleo/primal lifestyle. It seems to work for a lot of people, possibly because it encompasses a lot more than just diet. Start with Mark's Daily Apple (you can google); he has a Primal 101 section.

  2. Thanks so much for this. You are right about coasting. It never works. When I have lost weight in the past, I have convinced myself that now I can be normal. Not so. And it really is the mindfulness that has been the challenge lately. It's just so easy to eat to allay boredom or frustration. I'll look for Mark. Thanks!