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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Non-scale victory

Despite the title, this actually involves the scale. 

I gained something like 8 1/2 pounds the other day.  I mean in one day.  That's not really possible, even for me.  I fluctuate, but not like that.

Then I realized that the scale was not where it usually was in the bathroom.  So I moved it a couple of feet.  Down about six.  I moved it again.  Up a few.

Apparently, the curvature of the floor in my (very old) house matters to the scale.  I had no idea.  I also am not really sure where the scale is accurate. 

I know I haven't lost much (if any) weight in the last year.  I'm also beginning to doubt the "eat your BMR and lose weight" concept.  But I have also figured out that scale placement matters.  It has to be consistent.

I feel a tiny bit as if I'm starting over.


  1. When I had a scale, I found there were all sorts of things that influenced it, including temperature. It's very difficult to be 100% consistent each time, which is why I never believed when it said I lost weight, either.

  2. It's crazy, right? My wife figured it out, too, and tells me the scale is now almost seven pounds heavy. That would be a dream! I don't even care if it's right. I want it to be consistent.

  3. Skip, I had to change my blog to permission-only readers. If you want to get access, consult debbi at http://knitrunrepeat.blogspot.com/. I have to have an email address to "invite" you to read, and I don't have an email for you. She will ask you a security question :)